Package juju.reattore.server.intercept.impl

Class Summary
AutoIndexInterceptor An interceptor that will generate a pretty index of the requested directory.
CachingInterceptor Interceptor that may cache the response from a lower level interceptor.
DelegatingInterceptor Interceptor that delegates to child interceptors in the order that they were added.
ErrorInterceptor Interceptor that serves an error document if the main path can't find anything.
ExtMap Extension to mime type mapping.
FallbackErrorInterceptor Last chance error handler that returns a simple HTML page.
FileCache A simple request based cache for ChannelFileSources.
FileInterceptor Interceptor that serves up files.
PartitioningInterceptor Interceptor that hands off to a different child interceptor based on the original request.
StatInterceptor Very simple statistics servlet.
Target Helper class for configuration that encapsulates a (path, interceptor) pair.
VelocityInterceptor Interceptor that serves a Apache Velocity based template.

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